39th Congress of the European Society of Lymphology                                                  1º Curso de Linfología ESL2013

Welcome President

Dear members of the European Society of Lymphology,

The recent Congress of Berlin showed that our Society, always open to new and interesting contributions, is widening and is reaching of interesting scientific results in every diagnostic and therapeutic aspect concerning the lymphatic diseases.

Next year, in our Continent will be both the European Meeting and the International one. We will have a dual, important opportunity to exchange and to produce the results of our ongoing clinical and experimental research.

Myself, and on behalf of the Executive Committee of the ESL, I would like to ask you a strong participation in the next Congress to be held in Valencia, the 6-7-8 June 2013.

The Presidency of this Event has been attributed to Isabel Forner Cordero, a serious doctor and clinically well prepared, constant in research, ever present in our annual meetings, a member of our Executive Committee, and with uncommon human and professional qualities. I'm sure she will be able to organize, always counting on our help, an interesting Event to which I invite everyone to participate and contribute for the success of the same.

It will be back in Spain, after many years since the last Congress in Madrid, and will be held in Valencia, a beautiful and welcoming city rich in history, culture and life, famous for its 'movida'.

See you, then, in June 2013 with enthusiasm and interest for another Event that our Society, I am sure, will remember for a long time as another important step in our professional and scientific updating.
With friendship

Sandro Michelini
President of the European Society of Lymphology

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